Brick Cleaning in the UK:

Since the industrial revolution, science has revolutionized every aspect of life, it has found the remedies for all problems. Having used this scientific knowledge, world has taken many steps forward towards progress. Here we encompass all the aspects related to Brick cleaning in the UK by using these scientific methods. It’s the law of nature that colors fade out and things get dirty with the passage of time. But, here we have found a way by which we can reduce retard these natural effects.

Brick cleaning in the UK has become a popular profession that remains present to serve the people in this aspect. When buildings of houses or offices get dirty, these brick cleaners provide their services to get the quires of people resolved. Now, a question takes birth in mind that how these bricks are cleaned? The answer of this question comprises the following paragraphs.

Brick Cleaning:

Numerous methods are used to get rid of this problems. In Brick cleaning, the method is selected by keeping in view the type of brick that had been used in construction. As each type of brick includes a specific type of cleaning, so, it’s mandatory to keep in account the type of that brick. Various kinds of bricks are used in construction, like engineered bricks that are much stronger than ordinary bricks, as engineered bricks present considerable resistance when comes in contact with water.

Meanwhile, the ordinary bricks get water absorbed in themselves and show no resistance to water which ultimately causes damage to the building. The brick cleaning process also includes the sensible and careful selection of equipment as harder equipment may damage the surface of the building. Another important thing which is kept in mind while carrying out the Brick cleaning process, and that is the proper knowledge of what should be cleaned: Is it cement which needs to be cleaned or it is the paint, done on the walls.

Sometimes, neither cement nor paint is the problem but the natural pollutants that exist in the environment. So, care must be taken while making the analysis of what should be cleaned, otherwise, this act may bring harm to the building. So, a careful plan must be drafted before starting the Brick cleaning process. Following these restrictions, there are different types of Brick cleaning which include

  • Therma-tech and doff superheated steam cleaning
  • Chemical assisted brick cleaning
  • Masonry Cleaning

Brick pointing or repointing:

Brick pointing is an important and inevitable process that is carried out in Brick cleaning. Brick pointing is related to repair the existing holes in adhesive materials which range from 10mm-20mm and may cause damage for the building. The process of Brick pointing also involves maintaining and gaining again the actual shape of the building from its external side.

Having this method applied, the appearance of the building really gets better and presents a more presentable look. To repair the existing cavities on the building’s surface, advance materials like lime or cement are used. In most cases cement is used to fill these cavities, but, the decision of filling material is made by keeping in view the age of the building. The process of pointing is also known as repointing.

(note): the topic his not been yet covered completely, much more remains to describe yet.

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